Our Mission

The Lambton Area Builders Exchange is a non-profit organization which:

Brings together, in one group, both union and non-union general contractors, trade contractors, manufacturers, and suppliers of construction materials and equipment, and other firms associated with the construction industry.

Includes in its membership, small, medium, and large-sized firms, each firm having the same privileges.

Is governed by the members, elected officers, and appointed representatives from all sections of the membership.

Enjoys a respected reputation in business, government, and labour circles for advocating and maintaining sound and reasonable policies consistent with the welfare and the interests of the construction industry.

Operates in a major center of construction activity in Southwestern Ontario for the counties of Lambton and Kent.

Aims & Objectives

The Lambton Area Builders Exchange strives to:

Give preference to fellow LABE members, and support those members who contribute to our industry.

Establish and maintain standard methods of practice between LABE members and others in the construction industry.

Maintain a progressive, competitive construction industry.

Encourage the employment of local trades people and locally produced and distributed materials, wherever possible, on local projects.

Promote the education and training of individuals for the construction industry.

Represent members of the Exchange in any matters pertaining to the construction industry and, at the discretion of the Directors, to enter into pertinent agreements in the best interests of the construction industry.

Facilitate harmonious relationships between industry and the consumer.

Guarantee our member’s a right to free competitive enterprise.